Sales management is the science of business science focuses on the practical application of sales techniques


Organizational style will be a planned method or a series of random events in managing  
the business department. Some corporations haphazardly enter into this method, whereas different corporations follow an objective method for choosing a business department structure structure that has intensive analyses of: current and potential customers, the market surroundings, competitors, company assets, and therefore the firm’s ability to serve the marketplace. based mostly upon this analysis,
decisions square measure created concerning the quantity, type, and assignment of sales personnel. All sales force structure choices – whether or not planned or accidental – square measure directly influenced by the socio-economic, legal, and cultural variations found within the marketplace.1 once style
decisions square measure haphazard, these variations will push and pull a firm in several and even opposing directions. Conversely, once the selections square measure a part of a logical method, the design
decisions square measure a lot of doubtless to be best ones. Even corporations that have an outsized range of established customers within the world marketplace frequently
examine their territory style so customers receive most service at minimum
cost. different firm objectives that influence business department style embody leveling the sales force work load, insuring that every one accounts square measure assigned  to a sales representative, implementing an effective two-way channel between the firm and therefore the client, and
organizing the business department structure to facilitate associate objective business department analysis program. This chapter outlines the steps to research and build a sales structure structure, integrates organizational ideas that influence business department organizations, describes the foremost frequent ways that to prepare the business department, details sales structures in world markets, and examines multiple business department choices.

Tameka Johnson will facilitate move her sales organization into the worldwide market – if she will just notice the correct thanks to organize it. when a decade of profitable direct mercantilism, the
company dilated by forming partnerships in Europe and Asia. These partnerships place
Tameka’s company on the brink of even a lot of profitable sales – provided the sales contacts
can be created and maintained in these markets. The corporation has currently determined it'll be even a lot of profitable to serve the market directly with a corporation sales department, instead of
selling through partners. As a results of this higher management call, Johnson should
decide the way to organize the firm’s sales department for the marketplace. Having ne'er organized a sales department to serve the worldwide market, Johnson should build various choices that may
directly influence the power of the sales department to at the same time come through firm objectives
and satisfy client wants

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