What is importance of professional ethics?


What are the five core professional ethics?

You have always dreamed of a good career, but when it comes to a vital decision that needs to be made we start thinking over every step. This article will help you to realize how much a professional you are.

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There are many professions in the world that require strong will, stamina, and courage to get occupied. Thousands of policemen, doctors, firemen, and rescue teams save people every minute. Graduating from the University and mastering one of the professions mentioned above you think only about the successful application of your knowledge in practice. A couple of years after you become a famous doctor, an honorary resident, and a dedicated family man. But then one accident in your practice turns your life upside down and makes you reconsider your system of values and personal code of ethics.

Racing towards the hospital in the middle of the night, you think about what you are going to see. Entering a room, you see one of your patients lying down with eyes closed. A sense of guilt overwhelms you when you hear colleagues’ words “No hope”. The situation drove you to the choice you need to make: either to shut down the apparatus of support and release a patient from suffering on his way to death or do nothing in order to save the good name you acquired during your practice. Leaving the room, you start going back to your student years where the problem of euthanasia was discussed frequently. What was your attitude? Of course, you thought of this way out as unacceptable and inhumane as most people think. Did you really give a problem a good thought being a student? Obviously, it never occurred to you that you may appear in front of a choice like that. And now, having a reputation as a professional, what are you to choose?

Euthanasia is determined as an act of merciful killing that releases a person from suffering. Now, this term has to be specified, because the specialists of the Middle Ages released their patients not only form physical but also from spiritual sufferings. Nowadays obligations of doctors are limited by law and in some states, euthanasia is prohibited by law, unless one of the family members presents a request that is further investigated. There are several moral aspects of such a decision. On one hand, there are the Ten Commandments of the Holy Bible, one of which states “Do not kill”. After humanism was established as a philosophical current, some considered euthanasia a crime. On the other hand, there are words Hippocrates that pleads to help the needy regardless of their position in society. If nothing but suffering awaits a person on a short way to death, why should a doctor who understands the situation let someone be tortured?

Isn’t it even crueler than killing somebody?

These are moral aspects of the problem, but the code of professional ethics requires action and you are to make the choice. Only after you consider everything and make the right decision do you deserve to be called a professional and be respected even more.

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