Positive effects of technology on our lives


Positive effects of technology on our lives

Technology entered into most of the details of our lives, and to a degree that exceeded all perceptions, and developed with great acceleration, and it is necessary to keep abreast of modern technical developments, which provided many facilities in various areas of life, and returned the positive impact on human life, while the most prominent positive effects of technology on our lives:

Improve communication and communication 

advanced technology includes many tools for the communication process; e-mails, phone calls, instant text messaging applications, video chat services, social networking applications, and others, all of which have contributed to facilitating the process of communication with relatives and friends even distant from them, in addition to saving money.

With the development of medical

 industries, most hospitals have turned to the use of modern technology in operating rooms, medical equipment, and X-rays, which has facilitated the treatment process and reduced the possibility of making mistakes by doctors. Technology has also made it possible for all people to monitor their health and weight at any time of the day through apps that can be used on mobile phones.

Facilitating the process of education

 the use of technology in education contributes to facilitating the process of education thanks to the use of audio-visual presentations, the use of special programs to follow the student's progress, and the protection of the environment as the orientation to e-learning significantly reduces the number of papers used and thus the preservation of trees. In addition to encouraging students to study through the use of applications and programs that make education a pleasant process for them, in addition to having access to information at any time for both the student and the teacher.

Facilitating data retrieval and information exchange technology

 has facilitated communication between people via e-mail, phone calls, and social networking applications, and electronic devices are characterized by the ability to store multimedia and data such as a computer and smartphone and provide the opportunity to exchange information and share content with others. The technology also allows data storage and retrieval via the computerized cloud; a storage program located outside the electronic device used and contains several utilities for performing various operations.

The negative effects of technology on our lives 

man has become more connected to technology than ever before, and this is due to its rapid development of it, and indeed it has returned a lot of positive effects on human life, but it also returned the negative impact; as a result of excessive use, and this can be evidenced by the following:

The negative impact on mental health

 the use of technology increases the risk of human mental illness, and this is evident in the following: depression and anxiety negative social interactions through the internet lead to the occurrence of depression and anxiety in individuals at a high level, and positive interactions lead to a lower level of depression and stress, so there is an impact on the quality of interactions through various means of technology in mental health. 


 many people spend a lot of time using modern technology, social networks, and other applications, causing them to neglect their real lives and increasing rates of social isolation, so that many who are in restaurants, clubs, or family gatherings tend to be more preoccupied with their phones than interested in talking to each other  

The negative impact on the education 

process in addition to the advantages of using technology in education, but has some disadvantages, such as low levels of students in basic skills; such as handwriting, pushing students to disconnect from the real world, and obtaining misleading information as many websites provide people with information that has not been confirmed to be accurate, and increase the

Negative impact on human health 

although various technological technologies have made human life comfortable, they have negatively affected other things, polluted air and water due to waste generated by technology are dangerous to human health. The high noise of factories and vehicles also negatively affects the sense of hearing, in addition to the cons of excessive use of smartphones that cause stress and a lot of health damage 

Negative impact on the environment

 technology negatively affects the environment around us, and one of the most harmful areas is the following:[where] air pollution emits toxic gases from factories and vehicles that rely on technology and causes air pollution in the atmosphere, and human respiratory diseases such as asthma. Noise makes annoying sounds from heavy machinery, factories, vehicles, aircraft, which use applications of modern technology, and these noises are harmful to live organisms in the environment. Water pollution chemical residues from factories and Mills seep into multiple water sources, causing contamination of drinking water, infection of living organisms, and death.




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