My name is SAHOUI, I come from Morocco, I live in Casablanca with my family, I have two brothers, The hobby of reading is one of the most beautiful hobbies that will be of great benefit to the owner. What makes this hobby such a treasure is that it is not only for spending your free time and entertaining, but also provides you with information and makes you a highly educated person. This great hobby starts with you from a young age where the love of reading begins with reading comics. When I was young, I loved reading because of reading the stories of the prophets. I used to go to the library every day and this increased my love for my beautiful hobby. Today, I know a lot of information and matters related to most aspects of life I am a teacher, my favorite sport is football, my favorite hobby's blogging and I'm crazy about learning SEO, these days I work hard and spend all of my time at work.